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May 16, 2024

App and chrome extension don’t show me the staking onglet. It’s black and closing

App and chrome extension don’t show me the staking onglet sheet. It’s black and closing by itself when I click on it… please help. I can’t see nothing, no contract about staking and black on chrome extension while a message under my wallet on app is « flow staked ». So I can’t restake rewards or withdraw my flow coins ! Regards

Asantehene Coke

Oct 3, 2023


I'm trying to get to my USDC i just converted, but the app chrome extension wont even view my balance nor allow me to add addresses. FIX THIS NOW!

Сергей Поповской

Jul 31, 2023

Ufc strike

hello!!! Not sending nft ufc strike. It says transaction failed. Help to solve the problem

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