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Jo Downes

Jan 3, 2023

No compare button

The compare button doesn't show up, it looks like this is a long term issue. Please help!

NAMBARU Mahidhar

May 17, 2022

Compare button is not displayed

Why is compare button don't display

David Rodgers

May 4, 2022

Flight Fare Compare

I don't get the compare button, is this tool still supported?

Nhat Tran (Sunny)

Apr 6, 2022

No longer working in 2022

I just tried today but it seems not working. Apr 07 2022

Erik S

Oct 22, 2021

Compare dosn't appear

I can't compare. It doesnt seem to work anymore... Is there any way to correct the issue?

Doug Ward

Nov 30, 2020

No longer working on Google Flights

The extension does not notice that I am searching on Google Flights and will not display the transfer (SkyScanner) button.

Karl Paul

Sep 18, 2019

Kayak Finland???

The extension defaults to Kayak Finland (in Finnish). Is there a way to change to default to to .ie or .com?



Ankie de Wert

Aug 10, 2019

chrome web store read AND changes your data ?

Wonder what data chrome web store (can) change ? Hesitating to add it to my programs...

Henning Holldorff

Aug 8, 2019

site selection

how do I change between momondo and skyscanner ? The compare button says that skyscanner and kayak are switched off and I find no way how to change this, only momondo appears after pushing the button

quiu a

May 15, 2019

Compare button doesn't appear

The compare button doesn't come up when I click the flight button.

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