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Sep 7, 2023

Type of photos (Positive: landscapes, architecture, etc. Negative: Ugly, scary, disgusting animals)

I've used Flickr Tab for 1-2 years and I liked it. During the last couple of weeks the photos really often show close-up photos of animals like spiders and other animals that scare, disgust and distress me (and probably many other people as well). I want to see calming, nice, beautiful photos. Instead, I get shocked and disgusted.

That should be changed again. Either by making sure that the app doesn't show disturbing photos (or only 1 in 500 photos...right now it's rather 20% or even more % of photos that show spiders or flies). Or by creating an option for users to choose categories that they like/dislike.

I will now stop using Flickr Tab for a while. Until the spiders, flies etc are gone.

Jerry Joyce

Aug 8, 2021


How do I get a URL for my photos

Jean Gadeyne

Nov 15, 2019

pourquoi ne suis-pas connecté en français ?

depuis plusieurs années je suis connecté à Flickr en tant que Roland Pierre ; je souhaite être raccordé en français et non en chinois. Merci !

Bart Anthony

Dec 13, 2018

How Do I Find My Old Flickrer Photos

I cant find my old photos or password or log in lost everything can you help me find my photos Thank You

Motiur Rahman

May 30, 2017

Types of photos shown

Can there a setting added which would would enable to visualize only certain tagged photos , and not other - for example I am fond of landscape photos - but has issues with some other types of photos.

Colin D

Jan 25, 2017

Not loading flickr in new tab anymore

Seems to have stopped working in Chrome 55.0.2883.95?

Yongcun Pan

Aug 11, 2016

hi would you add like or dislike icon so that some ugly like trypophobia pic wont see again ever.

im using the flick tab in the chrome extensions.Most of the pics are good and pleased to see. but some of them is not good for specific person. so would you add one feature that dislike one photo and this kind of pics will not show again any any more.

Arinto Murdopo

Nov 15, 2015

Add photo filter

Please add filter to the photo based on keyword such as 'nature' or 'animals'. I prefer not to have photo of a person in my new chrome tab.

Deoclides Ferreira

Apr 28, 2015


Não consigo colocar o Modulo de Proteção da Caixa nos pluing para ativa-lo.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 22, 2015

keyword filters

Would be cool to only show photos matching certain keywords.

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