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LaToya Lewis

Oct 3, 2022


Hi! I accidentally deleted something very important. Is it possible to bring it back

Ishaan Mohan Bagga

Sep 10, 2015


Shame, this app could be good. My issue with this is every time I close my browser and open it back up all my notes are scattered in a random order and I need to sort them out each time, and that's really frustrating. Dont download unless you're looking to waste your time tinkering with annoying text boxes scattered everywhere. Please fix as it does show great promise. I would give 5 stars.
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Vincent Alexander Saulys

Sep 8, 2015

Way to Save notes?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it would be awesome if I could save notes to Google Drive or my Chromebook's internal storage :)

Ken Chambers

Apr 14, 2015

Box location

Every time I open this app, my boxes are jumbled all over the page. I used to use this program on a daily basis, but it would take a few minutes of my time every day (or every time I accidentally his refresh) to reorganize all the text boxes I had organized.
The other issue with this is I have to scroll way down into the page to find hiding text boxes. Please fix so I can continue using your product.

Peeyush Singh

Apr 21, 2014

Introduction of Categories, taking app to next level

It would be awesome if you introduce categories in your app. I am currently using you Flex Note, what I felt that it is totally messed up. All ideas withing one page, it's totally unfair.
You could create an option of adding a page i.e. category/tag. So user can select a category and add all their thoughts.


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