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Dec 25, 2021

Doesn't work

Just shows a white screen.

Filip Reyez

Feb 18, 2021

white screen

it should be named white screen because that's all it does it's just a white screen

Brainless Chode

Jul 22, 2020

just blank

is this a joke its stepmania for chromebook, nonexistent. but really why wont this work


May 7, 2019

Game Error

it just says true on the top left of the screen then does not work. can u fix this?

Jeff Riemersma

Oct 23, 2018

it wont load

it says true in the top left for not even a second then wont load.

Diplomatic Tucan

Aug 30, 2018

wont load

its just white :(

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 17, 2018

game wont load

i opened it, it won't load. just a blank white screen

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