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Emmanuelle Isgro (Mel)

Aug 7, 2021

Ne fonctionne plus

Depuis plusieurs jours impossible de raccourcir les liens et URL : la mention "Technical glitch. Please try later!" apparaît en rouge et rien ne se passe...

Nguyenduc Hai

Aug 7, 2021

link rút gọn

mình ko lấy được link rút gọn trên web qua bitly


Aug 6, 2021

Sometime it cannot use

Look like today plugin got some problem cannot use and show "Technical glitch. Please try later!"

Arthur Collier

Jan 18, 2018

viewing a bitlink

uable too view a link from another user

Sean Thurston

Oct 30, 2017

Affiliate Links

Is it possible to use our affiliate links for services like Amazon instead of someone elses?

ScottW -GA-USA

Sep 9, 2017

custom short link url

I don't see a way to search the questions so if this is a duplicate please accept my apology. Is there was way to use my custom domain url instead of


A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 5, 2017


Ji-Xiang Zeng

Feb 2, 2017

advice: add Edit Short Link

advice: add Edit Short Link

mike sullivan

Jan 9, 2017

woolworths gift card

how do i claim my gift card

Irina Svetlowa

Oct 28, 2016

Extension buyout

I am interested in acquiring your extension "".

Please contact me at:

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