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Adam Spiers

Apr 10, 2024

Causing unnecessary page reloads

When I have this extension enabled, it is causing some pages to be loaded twice after clicking to navigate to them. For example, if I go to and then click on the "Getting Started" category, I see a flicker as the page gets reloaded again after it finishes its first load.

As soon as I disable the extension, this is issue vanishes. Clearly this is a serious performance issue, especially on more complex sites which are slower to render.

Naresh Sharma

Mar 19, 2024

Google Chrome browser extension works for Google Meet meetings but not for MS Teams Meetin

Google Chrome browser extension works for Google Meet meetings but not for MS Teams Meetings.
Please advise how I can use the same extension for recording MS Teams audio and transcript without adding Fireflies to the meeting (letting the participants know Firefies is there in the meeting)

Daniel Griffiths

Jan 26, 2024

Kills shopify product pages

When using this extension on shopify websites it destroys the layout of the website. And example is this page

See how the main image overlaps the related products below it. If you turn the fireflies extension off then the layout goes back to normal.

Love the extension, but I'm a web developer and having it muck about with page HTML causes me a lot of problems.

Filippo Bartoccioni (Prof.)

Dec 21, 2023

Subscription not wanted

I Tried the free trial and then today automatically without permission the money was taken from my credit card.
I do not want it. I would like the refund. I think it should be correct to inform before charhing a costumer to inform him. moreover there is no contact information to get in contact with you or anybody to talk in cas of problems. Can you please stop my unwanted subscription and refund the money? Thank you very much! My account is on

Latina “Deborah Deras” Speaker

Jul 26, 2023

Zoom Integration on iphone

I had a zoom call on my iphone. How do I get fireflies to record on Zoom on my iphone?

Daniel Forero

May 8, 2023

Can i use this tool for a meeting in spanish?

Can i use this tool for a meeting in spanish?

Anthony Stratton

Apr 25, 2023

AskFred For Web addon - unwanted!

I've just seen a new AI widget added on every page - how can I remove this?

Muhammad Omer Khan

Jun 22, 2022


how i start and stop recording?

Frank Vidal

Mar 31, 2022

Chrome Extension Not Loading

The Fireflies Chrome extension is not loading. I've downloaded and activated it, but when I click on icon in Chrome toolbar and I select my email account, I only get spinning multi-colored circles on the screen.

Atlas 606

Dec 23, 2021

Translation or language selection

Can I translate a transcript or have the bot parse the recording again in another language?¡

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