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Linda Knuth

Jul 25, 2020

page background

I have had this theme for a few years now. All of a sudden the page loads wit the background on the page white instead of the fiery horse. the bars and extensions are there the main is just white. What happened

Diane DeMauro

Jan 8, 2020

Fiery Horse

how do I install it to my chrome book

Rajat Agrawal

Apr 23, 2019

Theme not compatible with google chrome's new dark mode

With the addition of chrome's dark mode support with mac os and windows, the theme doesn't look like it used to with the light version. The black search bar doesn't look good with the theme and the only current solution to keep it the older view is to turn off the dark mode at the OS level which doesn't seem like a good solution.

Francisca Lampron

Mar 28, 2019

Bookmarks bar font color

The bookmark bar font color used to be white, but it's now greyish and VERY hard to read. I love the theme, but I might have to change it :(

Please bring back the white font. Thanks

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 27, 2019

Bookmark font color

The bookmark font color is black and is hard to read with the background. When I look at the theme in the theme store the font is white. Can the font on the bookmark toolbar be changed to white?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 17, 2019

cool but needs improvement

not enough colors
On the horse

A Chrome Web Store user

May 10, 2018


why isn't it working it wont let me install

Scott Williams

Oct 30, 2017



char konrad

Jun 26, 2017


theme dosn't hold, keeps defaulting to plain google pag

Theresa. Ann Stewmon

Jun 5, 2017

Video calls from my lap top

How can I make video calls

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