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Emma Anderson

Jan 25, 2021

Stopped working

Been using this app for years, but it suddenly stopped working over the last week. The button is there but clicking it does nothing

Magnus Dahl Hegge

Jun 23, 2013

Unread count

It would be awesome to have an unread count on the plugin icon.

Magnus Dahl Hegge

Jun 23, 2013

Setting: open x tabs on click

I would love the option to choose how many tabs are opened on click. You could also have an other option to set, let's say open 10 tabs on single-click, open 20 tabs on double-click, and open 30 tabs on triple-click. This is a functionality I have grown acustomed to with a similar plugin for Google Reader (that will not support feedly).

Magnus Dahl Hegge

Jun 23, 2013

Mark as read


I have a problem where articles are not markad as read when opened in a new tab. So if i press the button a second time, the same tabs are opened again.
Chrome v 28.0.1500.52, feedly stable app.

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