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Malcolm Cook

Oct 15, 2018

visual indication of feeds and their status

I have enough feeds that I'm not always sure whether i've already subscribed to feed for a site. Generally when I ask myself this question, it take about half a minute to find out by clicking through to see the feed in feedly. Can the chrome extension visually indicate (a) if there are feeds on the site (b) whether I'm subscribed to any (c) if there are more that pass a filter (e.g. I never subscribe to "comments" feeds). Thanks!

林 Lin, 昭辰 Chao-Chen Jack YEG (Fife50000)

Nov 4, 2017

Request for Connecting with all Twilog Websites asap, please!

Dear Sir/Madam:

Excuse me, but so who could go filfill my Request for Connecting with all Twilog Websites asap, please?

Once again, thank you all so much! Amen!

Matt Lytle

Jul 9, 2014

Not showing up in the address bar

When I have chrome pointed at a feed, I do not see the Subscriber button. If I copy and paste the URL into feedly I can subscribe just fine.

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