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Raymond Chiu

Jul 24, 2018

Counter Not showing

it's been a week the counter not showing unread counts

Tobias Brock Korsgaard

Jul 11, 2018

Counter doesn't show up any longer

It seems like something is not working properly. I don't see the counter show up any longer - even when I have an open tab with all my feedly feeds showing.

Dominic Ambros

Jul 5, 2018


since a few days the counter doesnt show unread number anymore

Siddhesh Athalekar

Jul 2, 2018

Not Working

Counter is not showing the unread number

Marco Assini

Jun 29, 2018

not work

Today the counter doesn't show the number.

Shimmy Weitzhandler

Feb 13, 2017

Use Feedly tab already open instead of opening a new one

When clicking the counter, please perform a check so that if one of the tabs' address is Feedly's, focus on the existing tab instead of opening a new one.

Shimmy Weitzhandler

Jan 26, 2017

Please reset counter when clicking


Please set counter to zero when clicking it.

Mario Matteis

Jan 27, 2015

Do not open duplicates

When I click on the icon and Feedly is already opened, i.e. in a blocked page, a new instance is opened. I think that the proper way to handle this should be to redirect to the already opened page and refresh it.:)

Nicolas Stepien

Nov 1, 2014

HiDPI icon

This is the only thing missing from this extension.


Dave Henning

Jun 4, 2014

Feedly Beta Channel Issue

The 'Use Feedly Beta Channel' option seems to be broken. Must have been a change on their end.

Currently getting this message when loading Feedly:

No user with alias beta could be found.
The user may have changed their alias, or removed their account.

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