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Fred Yu

Apr 20, 2024

Videos autoplay though there's autoplay=0 in the url content.

I subscribe this url:, its entries may contain embedded videos. Then the sad things comes, when I open this sub page in the feedbro reader, all the videos start to play at the same time. This really makes me crazy, hope it can be fixed!!! Thank you.

Gediminas Krasauskas

Mar 9, 2024

Facebook Feeds

Is there a limit of how many Facebook posts can Feedbro fetch (Facebook allows to fetch)?
I have a lot of feeds (hundreds) and in a few days it reached 1k+ new records. However, it seems that it stopped or significantly slowed fetching posts.

For example, some Facebook pages have posted a few new posts in past couple days but they are not appearing in Feedbro.

dave blevins

Dec 17, 2023

How do I expand a collapsed item folder

I have a folder with 3 URL feeds in it. A couple of other folders display the individual URLs in the item listing, the one in question doesn't.


Dec 14, 2023

Unable to recognize updates.

Entries that use a change to the article title as an update are not correctly recognized and displayed.

Justin Pitts

Dec 11, 2023

Instagram Feeds

Hi, do I have to have an instagram account in order for Feedbro to work? I installed Feedbro yesterday, added about 10 IG feeds. I set the re-load feed to every 24 hours.... but now when I try to go to IG accounts manually, I'm getting a Something is not working error. And nothing updated today when it should have?

Samuel Clayton

Dec 4, 2023

Discord Notifications Have Started To Send Duplicate Postings

I am forwarding an RSS feed to a discord channel via the webhook in feedbro. Since yesterday, I am getting duplicate postings sent each time a new item comes through. I do not see duplicates in feedbro however. Has something changed?


Sep 13, 2023

Twitter down?

It seems already down for a long time.

Fox Moulder

Aug 21, 2023

RSS doesnt work RSS doesnt work

Akshay Sinha

Aug 15, 2023

Twitter RSS

Hi guys - have you figured out a solution to the Twitter issue? None of my Twitter feeds are updating. For example, one URL not updating is "". Any help would be great, thanks.

Mr. Liss

Aug 6, 2023

Feedbro icon will not show in Chromium's toolbar.

Feedbro icon instantly disappears from the toolbar every time I reinstall the extension. It shows for an instant, then is gone.

I am using Feedbro with Chromium/Ubuntu Linux 23.04

Chromium Version 116.0.5803.2 (Official Build) snap (64-bit)

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