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Play Feed The Snake Game right on Chrome™ Browser! Offline Version!

Feed The Snake for Chrome Extension is an exciting variation of the classic Snake game that brings new elements to the gameplay. In this version, players are provided with 3 lives and have the opportunity to explore 6 different realms. The objective remains the same: control the snake and guide it to eat food to grow longer. However, there are additional features to enhance the gaming experience. One notable feature is the inclusion of keys to unlock gates within the realms. As you navigate through the levels, you will encounter locked gates that can only be opened by finding and collecting the corresponding keys. This adds an extra challenge and requires strategic thinking to progress through the game. Another exciting element is the super tongue power-up. When activated, the snake's tongue becomes supercharged, allowing it to reach food items that are located farther away. This power-up gives you an advantage in gathering food quickly and efficiently. "Feed The Snake" for Chrome Extension can be played for free on the website https://googlesnake.org/. Immerse yourself in this thrilling variation of the Snake game, utilize the keys, unleash the power of the super tongue, and strive to achieve the highest score possible. Enjoy the addictive gameplay and embark on a fun-filled adventure with the hungry snake. if you want to play "more games" We added many games on the left side of the popup. You can also choose from the many other games we have placed in the pop-up window at the top left by clicking "more games".

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