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Matt Riordan

Feb 15, 2024

Export calendar using IA - results in error

When I attempt to export our calendar using IA, I get the following error every time:

"Halted with error in saveSubunitDataEE, IA access issue"

Any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?


Randy Richey

Jan 2, 2024

MC Connection Search zip code

when on a scout and go to Lookup/Invite counselor , it defaults to a search for that merit badge, 50 mile radius, active and the zip code being used isn't the scouts zip code. not sure where it is coming from. how do you change the search criteria?

Aaron Jestrab

Aug 1, 2023

Calendar - Import Update/Delete

I don't know if the API's (or however you might be processing this) support the functionality, but it would be great to have some sort of Create, Update, Delete operations as part of the import tool for the Calendar.

Great work on this tool, it is a huge time saver!

Jim Agnetta

Jun 5, 2023

"Add Invitees" Error

When I attempt to "Add Invitees" to the Pack calendar I am getting an error for all of the events which states, "Sorry, this even (id=anumber) is shared with another calendar event and cannot be updated with the Add Invitees feature. Skipping to the next event. OK"

I am able to update each calendar event one at a time. Can you provide a reason or solution?

John Longhofer

Jan 24, 2023

how to download add-on for scoutbook

Cannot find the add-on for repeating events

Travis Lundy

Oct 20, 2022

RSVP report

I have been using the RSVP report for my fairly large troop and I recently noticed that it did not count all the adults. I have one scout with an active step dad show his profile shows 3 connected parents. When I run the rsvp report, I do not get the step dad.

I also think it would be more helpful to have a section at the bottom with all the parents who are attending but are not shown as leaders. I know it shows them usually as a Yes by the scout's name but it would be helpful to have them broken out as well similar to the table created for the leaders.

Jane Lund

Oct 20, 2022

extension and importing data into scoutbook

Please forgive me, but I opened the excel doc, now what do I need to do to import it into scoutbook? This sounds like a great option, but I do not understand how to do it.

Jayson Gray

Oct 20, 2022

Mail Balance details to Scouts

Used to be able to compose a message and send to all scouts with details of their current Payment Log balance. Is that feature still supported in the extension? I can't seem to find it. I know you removed the Balance report, because that was added to the native report builder (although it doesn't work as elegantly as yours did).

I had previously told our treasurer it was super simple to email everyone their current balance... now I can't find the option. Please tell me I didn't just give him false hope!

Troop 9207

Aug 9, 2022

ScoutBook Calendar

I am having an issue with the calendar and repeating events. When I input the info and once saved it auto populates with all rank requirements for every rank. Is there a fix for this?

Jeff Cieslak

Dec 16, 2021

Permission to manage apps, extensions, and themes

So I have a notification to update the extension, because it needs new permission to be granted:
- Manage your apps, extensions, and themes

This seems excessive, none of the other extensions I have installed (including anti-malware and other security extensions) require this permission. Is it entirely necessary?

This extension is very useful, and I am grateful for your having created it, but without some compelling explanation about the need for this permission I think I will have to do without it.


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