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John Fridinger

Oct 27, 2023

Just to note...

Sponsored coming through again, Oct 27 as I write... Hopig you are doing OK, with all the crazy that is going on around the world right now... 🙂🙏🌻💕🌈

John Fridinger

Jul 28, 2023

Dang, "sponsored" coming through again...

Figure I'll just keep letting you know when it does... I appreciate that I can... I have such an aversion to FB's intrusions... 🙂🙏🌻💕🌈😎

John Fridinger

Jul 20, 2023

Not working here today, July 20, 23...

Sponsored showing up all over the place here again, just starting today... Just to let you know... 🙏🌻

T Nguyen

Jul 8, 2023

Not working on 8 July, 2023 in Vietnamese timezone

Hi this extension is now not working on 8 July, 2023 anymore. Please help us to check

Bdan W

Sep 21, 2022

v3.7.1 not working for suggested pages

Since the update today, while I'm not seeing ads, I am seeing suggested pages galore.

John Fridinger

Jul 23, 2022

Just stopped working for me today... It was doing great...

F.Block Sponsored just stopped working today, sponsored appearing again every 3-4 posts... Praying you can update soon... 🙏🏽

Millie Vanilla (Maria)

Apr 28, 2022

Just downloaded this and several other blockers, none seem to be working.....

Facebook is suddenly showing me 90% ads and installing this extension hasn't removed them.

Suzanne R Smith

Nov 6, 2021

Still seeing ads

Running v 3.3.0 and seeing sponsored ads again.

Lomu Yeh

Oct 27, 2021

Traditional Chinese user

The plugin worked well before. But the ad appeared again recently, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.
It works well when I switch to English.
Thanks for the great job.

Kaan T.

Oct 14, 2021

No filtering or blocking


Since last several weeks, extension is not blocking any sponsored posts. I have MS Edge 94.0.992.47 x64 and F.Block Sponsored 3.2.8

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