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Dave L

Dec 6, 2023

Leave the default bookmark bar alone

Hi, i have my bookmark bar just the way i want it, can i add this and keep my bookmark bar just as it is? Is there a setting for that?

Timofey Sherudilo

Aug 18, 2023

Firefox version?

Hello, it would be nice to see a Firefox version of this extension.

Phil Thomas

Jul 17, 2023

Excellent work.

I would suggest to propose icon modification for folders (so that we can change the folder icon with something of my taste). But a little folder in the corner so that we know this is a folder. Great solution I use it for 2 years and this is great productivity/organisation tool.

James Major

Jun 3, 2023

New Folders on Mac

Hi - Excellent product, been using it for years! I just tried to right click ((control click on mac) and cannot seem to get the menu to pop up with the option to create a new folder. Nothing happens on right click? thanks!

Ted Zhu

Mar 29, 2023

Support getting favicon after specifying port

Currently the port part of the url seems to be ignored and always getting the favicon of :80. Can we support arbitrary port?

Jay Daunheimer

Mar 18, 2023

Broken with new Chrome update. Any plans to fix?

Broken with new Chrome update as reported by others.

Any plans to fix?

Or do I find a replace?


Mar 9, 2023

Not Starting

Hi - the plugin doesn't work anymore. All I can see is a loading ring in the task bar. The main screens remains empty. Is there a quick fix?

Samuel Cohen

Mar 7, 2023

The perfect new tab page!

Thanks! Suggestion: when a new tab opens, the theme sort of fades in from a white background. This is cool effect, however, if you're in Dark mode, it's quite jarring. You see a white flash before the theme loads. I wonder if you could detect when the user is in Dark mode and start with a black background to fade in from.

In any case thanks for an amazing extension! Happy to provide more details.

M. vd Kaaden

Nov 26, 2022

Feature reguest

Finally an extension to show my preferred favourites in a new tab page in chrome, without the need to register yet another cloud account to store settings or favourites.
I sync my favourites my way, not some big techs ways, so I love it !

But I would like to suggest an enhancement or, to describe it better, another layout.
Now everthing is presented as tiles and if another sub folder is present one has to click it to see the bookmarks within that folder.
But with many levels of subfolders this extension does not offer any more convenience over using the favourites bar to browse bookmarks nested in many levels of subfolders.

It is hard to discribe the layout I would like and do not know if there is a name for it, but it is a layout like this dutch website:
It is actually a very old style of layout (these guys started this in 1998) and (imho) this is still the best and quickest layout to present and select bookmarks.​

In the case for this extension the top bar (like on the website) would be the root folder with a couple of 1st level subfolders as tabs/subjects
Then the 2nd level subfolders are the frames containing the bookmarks.
The bookmarks can just still be presented as a tile or just a link (or mixed)

Would love to hear your opinion about this.

Jérémy Lamy

Oct 21, 2022

Does it work with Brave browser?

I believe this extension wont work with brave since I need to be logged in to Chrome?

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