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Thiago de Paula

Mar 30, 2024

Not working

I bought the VPN but this Chrome extension does not work at all.

creative Thinking

Feb 4, 2024

Not Working

I bought a 1-year plan, but this Chrome extension is not working. Please remove the FastVPN extension from the Chrome apps. FastVPN is one of the fraud companies.

Namecheap is a huge company and it's funny how you don't even have the right person to design a google chrome extension for your company Need some help?

Who will be responsible for my money?

The Bako Chronicles

Nov 12, 2023

VPN Doesn't work

I add the vpn to my chrome and it doesn't work. I logged in and it doesn't allow me to choose a country. I downloaded it on my phone and it worked but the vpn was recognized by all of the streaming sites. How do I cancel for a refund?

francsco de santis

Oct 17, 2023

linux enigma2

posso scaricare dei file con relatie credenziali da mettere sul plugin vpn manager

Kamaldip Valvi

Oct 9, 2023

How to add fastvpn streaming for Android chrome browser

How to extension fastvpn streaming androder chrome browser

Jessica Hana

Sep 2, 2023


How to make it stay in the same place?

Eugene Dunkley

Aug 29, 2023

Download extension on chrome

How do I do download the extension, I'm in the web store but can't see a download link?

Volodymyr Golosay

Jun 4, 2023

Network issues

Thanks for providing such extension! It allows me to listen youtube music in corporate network!
But there are some issues:
1. When I change region, browser will ask me a promt with login/password on each request until I close current tab and open a new one.
2. From time to time, there is no internet connection at all. It returns resource is not available.
3. No always working in the Brave browser, but probably it's the same as 2nd issue.

Reese Haywood

Jun 2, 2023

Can't go anywhere.

As soon as I turn on the Extension I can't navigate to any webpage. Amazon asks me to sign in to a proxy. Chrome says Netflix, Google, Cheaptickets don't exist.

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