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roman dennis

Aug 12, 2023

it no work on long doge am sad

am sad am sad

Gamepad Coder

May 28, 2021

Love this, thanks!

Would it be possible to reduce the permission scope? Currently when you click "Add to Chrome" a notification says: >>"Add Fast Scroll? It can: Read and change all your data on the websites you visit. [Add Extension] [Cancel]"<< If this is an umbrella permission required to add the scrolling functionality to each page, then it makes sense. But if there's a way to reduce the scope of permissions, it might make Fast Scroll more appealing to more users. Anyway, very nice extension, great work!

Дмитрий М.

Nov 12, 2020


Hi, where is the settings ?

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 13, 2018

fast scroll without pressing any key

Would it be possible to have an option to make fast scroll default, that is without pressing any key ? Would be great. Thanks


Jun 24, 2018

Allow zooming

How about using alt for scrolling or make alt the new zoom key?

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