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Timothy Zorn (Zorn)

Mar 8, 2022

I modified the code to support using the chrome://newtab page as the startup page

With the current Fast New Tab Redirect v1.4, setting the Chrome startup page to chrome://newtab results in a blank page. I have modified your extension to fix that issue. Here is the new code:

Now, I can set my home button, startup page, and new tab page all to chrome://newtab and use Fast New Tab Redirect without issue.

Ronnie Bell

Jun 1, 2020

Open Chrome Apps Page

Hi, is it possible to allow us to open the chrome apps page (chrome://apps/) with this extension?
So far when I try this, it does not work.

Laurens Bogaardt

Jun 7, 2017

Focus on page instead of addressbar

Unlike the 'New Tab Redirect' extension, this 'Fast' version does not focus on the content of the new tab, after loading, but on the addressbar. This is why I switched back to the 'slow' version. Perhaps you can make a toggle for different type of behaviour.

Arley McBlain

Mar 13, 2017

Doesn't work with files?

In the interest of the fastest page possible I wanted to load a custom page like file:///Users/usernamey/whatever/index.html - doesn't seem to be working though. Is this possible?


Feb 1, 2017

Can Chrome focus on the new page after opening new tab?

Can Chrome focus on the new page after opening new tab?
When I open new tab, the browser focus on the url bar. I can't use the plug-in, vimium on new tab. Or, can I customize it?

James Yang

Jun 15, 2016

file not found: dummy.html

In windows 10+Chrome 53(dev), popup error say:

file not found: dummy.html

And, cannot install at all.

juan david castañeda lopez

Jan 3, 2016

no se instala

quiero descargar nueva pestaña y no da

Anton Zhukov

Dec 8, 2014


Thank you for great extension! There's one problem: file dummy.html is absent.

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