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Nikola Tristani

Mar 4, 2023

Site access

Add support for*
Currently the extension only supports*

Mhiel Joebert

Jun 9, 2022


can you make it faster

Anthony Bailey (Antgkb)

Jan 29, 2021

it dont work >:(

when i click it to fast forward it brings me to the extension page.

Tealdohr Protogen

Jul 21, 2020

activating it

when i click the extension and click the only option it just sends me to the download for chrome tab


Jul 2, 2020

does not work

the game does not speed up because of that the time does not work so fix it please

Jackie Davis

Apr 17, 2020

it no work

it no work and my coputer new

caleb meacham

Apr 11, 2020

won't work

won't do anything

Ozzy Ordaz

Jul 16, 2017

Can you repurpose this app?

I would really like for this app to be able to do the same thing except with videos like on youtube or netflix and stuff. Please contact me personally for questions and I'm willing to really get serious about this favor.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 5, 2017


we all love it but make it so we can click gold cookies

Alex Hubert

Mar 29, 2017

fast for cookie clik

how do you turn it off

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