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Imani Sundiata

Aug 3, 2020

Styles and their effect on the extension

I have a specific style on my AO3 acct that I like to use, and I'm not really sure if it because of that that the extension doesn't load well. I took the style off (reverted back to default settings) and part of the page didn't have the extension on it. I could see the "like, dislike, clear" button on some of the stories but not all of them. Specifically, the ones at the bottom of the page didn't have any buttons.

David Kats

Jul 12, 2020

Not working

I just installed it - and nothing is working. No errors, no Like/Dislike/Clear buttons, no colors, no option at the bottom of the page to hide dislikes - nothing.

Jillian D

May 22, 2020

Extension vanished

I love this extension and use it daily. But a few days ago it just stopped showing up. No Like/Dislike/Clear buttons, no colors, no option at the bottom of the page to hide dislikes. It just vanished. It's still in my extensions and says it's active and working fine and all permissions are in place, and no settings have been changed. I've looked on the extension details page and everything says it's active and has permission and is on, but the extension no longer shows up or seems to register. It's like it is no longer active. I really truly do love this extension and hope that this is a temporary issue and it will be back to working soon.

Lisa Tang

May 9, 2018

Other devices

Does the preferences get saved and be visible if I change computers?

Lia Dylan

Apr 9, 2018

Save Likes/Dislikes in Incognito Browser

i really love the concept of this extension! it's a great idea and it works well.

it would be really useful if you could somehow save your likes/dislikes so that they don't automatically reset/disappear every time you close down your web browser. this might just be an issue when in incognito (I always search/read/open fanfics in incognito browsing), as any time I accidentally ex out of all my incognito tabs and close the browser, the next time I open it up, all of my likes/dislikes have disappeared. however, while I am in incognito, if i don't close out of the browser completely, it allows me to save all of my likes/dislikes for as long as I keep the browser up and in as many tabs as i want. it would be really great if there could be a way to permanently save likes/dislikes while using incognito.

Christopher Mintmier

Mar 14, 2018

Doesn't work with Stylish themes

Extension doesn't work with Stylish themes enabled. I'm using the "Purple/Black/Gray & Ad Removal" userstyle, and the organizer extension does nothing on FFnet.

Lori Scott

Apr 20, 2017

Anonymous Works

I use this on AO3 and it has been very useful, but I have noticed a problem. It won't allow me to mark works that are posted by Anonymous. I understand why you can't like the author, obviously, but you should still be able to mark the story as like or dislike. Is there a way to fix this?

Mrs Hippyfreak (Sandy)

Dec 5, 2016

More Options Than Like/Dislike

First, let me say that I love this extension! I LOVE that I no longer have to sort through as many crappy fics after reading the first paragraph and wanting to send the author back to freaking Grammar School!

Not to mention the types I just won't touch when summaries include: 'Female!Harry Potter' or 'Bella Swan is Harry Potter's long lost twin sister!'

AND being able block an author altogether! Not even Twisting the Hellmouth let's us do that. Not to mention their pain in the ass method to hide one fic at a time. Hey!! Maybe you could include that archive in this lovely service! Midnight Whispers would be another site that would greatly benefit!

Um... Perhaps I should get to what this message was actually intended for.

Now my suggestion:

Will you think about adding more than the 'Like' or 'Dislike' options? Leave Dislike alone (since all you really have are variations of 'Hate' and that's a bit harsh and unnecessary). But on the other side I've been wishing for buttons like: 'Love' (meaning I'll be reading again soon), 'Like' (already there but would mean I'd read it again one of these day) and 'So-So' (for me this would mean that it was okay but not necessarily something to write home about).

Understandably, it would need more color coding. May I humbly request using slightly darker colors? Because of eye sight issues I picked a black skin on AO3 which means the white font is completely washed out so that using 'Like' on that site makes it impossible to read.

Thanks for what you've already done!!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 26, 2016


More of this not working in Chrome. It doesn't even register that I'm looking at the site, apparently.


Apr 9, 2016

not working in chrome

stopped working in chrome

Google apps