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xi xi

Dec 26, 2019

this doesn't seem to be working

this doesn't seem to be working - i'm using the google chrome app on a samsung chromebook

captian rob

Dec 10, 2019

shark finder

shark finder for fd or dk fanduel doesnt work cant find for dk can you help

Darryl West

Aug 14, 2019

Does This App Still Work?

I can seem to understand why I don't see a difference in the web site with this app. It is as if it does not work with the site.

Victoria Liu

Dec 16, 2018

not working

not working

Terry Hilker

Oct 18, 2018


doesnt work

Louis Gubitosi

Oct 4, 2018

not working

This isnt working for me.

Robert Higginbotham

Sep 27, 2018

Shark for Fanduel

The shark isn't working for Fanduel. Why is that?

Chris Haines

Oct 25, 2017

Doesnt work

Does anyone know if this is supposed to work still or has it been disabled? I just installed it and nothing happens.

Adam Stranberg

Sep 25, 2017

Still work?


Does this still work in 2017? It's doing nothing.......


Karim Jack Nouri

Nov 15, 2016

Please increase the contest size from 10 to 11


I was wondering if it would be possible for you go increase the contest size limit from 10 to 11?

My favorite small double up contests use 11 contestants so the plugin doesn't bother to examine these.

I understand the hesitance to increase it to 100 or more, but 10 to 11 should be a much smaller load increase.


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