Falling Dash Game - Chrome वेब स्टोअर
आयटम मीडिया १ स्क्रीनशॉट


Now you can play Falling Dash Game right on Chrome™ Browser! Offline and Popup Version, without internet required!

Falling Dash is an exciting game that is available as a Chrome Extension and can also be played for free on the website retrobowls.org. Get ready for a fast-paced and addictive gaming experience! In Falling Dash, players are challenged to navigate a series of obstacles as they descend down a never-ending vertical path. The goal is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding collisions with the obstacles that come your way. To play Falling Dash, simply install the Chrome Extension or visit retrobowls.org on your browser. The game is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive gaming experience, allowing players to quickly jump into the action. Use your reflexes and quick thinking to dodge the obstacles and stay alive. The game features simple controls that make it easy to play. Use the arrow keys or mouse to move the character left or right, avoiding the falling objects. As you progress, the game becomes increasingly challenging, with obstacles appearing at a faster pace and in more complex patterns. Falling Dash offers a visually pleasing and vibrant gaming environment. The colorful graphics and smooth animations enhance the gameplay and add to the overall excitement. The energetic soundtrack further immerses players in the fast-paced nature of the game. Compete against yourself and others to achieve the highest score on the leaderboard. Challenge your friends and see who can survive the longest in this thrilling and addictive game. Will you be able to reach the top and become the ultimate Falling Dash champion? Whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to engage in an intense gaming session, Falling Dash is the perfect choice. Its simplicity, fast-paced gameplay, and availability on both the Chrome Extension and retrobowls.org make it a convenient and enjoyable game to play anytime, anywhere. So, if you're looking for an exhilarating challenge and want to test your reflexes and agility, give Falling Dash a try. Visit retrobowls.org or install the Chrome extension to experience the excitement of this free game. Get ready to dash, dodge, and conquer the obstacles on your way down! If you want to play more games, click the "Unblocked Games" button or other games we add links for users to easily find more games on our website: https: //retrobowls.org

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Google हे परीक्षणांची पडताळणी करत नाही. परिणाम आणि परीक्षणे यांच्याबद्दल अधिक जाणून घ्या.


  • आवृत्ती
  • अपडेट केले
    ७ मे, २०२४
  • आकार
  • भाषा
    ५१ भाषा
  • डेव्हलपर
  • ट्रेडर नाही
    या प्रकाशकाने स्वतःची ओळख ट्रेडर म्हणून केलेली नाही. युरोपियन युनियनमधील ग्राहकांनी कृपया लक्षात घ्या, की तुमच्या आणि या डेव्हलपरमधील करारांना ग्राहकांचे अधिकार लागू होत नाहीत.


डेव्हलपरने तो तुमचा डेटा गोळा करणार किंवा वापरणार नसल्याचे डिस्क्लोज केले आहे. अधिक जाणून घेण्यासाठी, डेव्हलपरचे गोपनीयता धोरण पहा.

हा डेव्हलपर घोषित करतो, की तुमचा डेटा

  • मंजूर केलेल्या यूझ केस व्यतिरिक्त, तृतीय पक्षांना विकला जात नाही
  • आयटमच्या मुख्य कार्यक्षमतेशी संबंधित नसलेल्या उद्देशासाठी वापरला किंवा ट्रान्सफर केला जात नाही
  • क्रेडिट पात्रता निश्चित करण्यासाठी किंवा कर्ज देण्यासाठी वापरला किंवा ट्रान्सफर केला जात नाही


प्रश्न, सूचना किंवा समस्यांशी संबंधित मदतीसाठी, डेव्हलपरच्या सपोर्ट साइट ला भेट द्या

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