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J . .

Apr 8, 2023

No working

It do nothing since some days


Jul 23, 2022

This extension doesn't work.

This extension doesn't work. All notifications are turned on, via windows os settings and chrome settings. Nice try boo.

Sasha Zabelin

Jul 17, 2022

popup opened first time after install, with [object, object] notification. After that - nothing

I installed the extension on Mac 11.6.5 - chrome Version 103.0.5060.114 - developer mode enabled.
Right after the installation of V7 extension, a popup opened up with something object,object. I closed the message and tried again, but now I can't get any popup to open at all.
All notifications are enabled (as far as I can see).
Things I've tried:
restart chrome browser
remove extension and install again
enable in incognito from settings and tried linkedin profile there.

Popup does not show up.

Lori Davis

Jul 13, 2022

Extension not working for me

I installed this extension yesterday and it is not working for me either. I have looked at my Security settings and cannot see anything that could be preventing it from working. Any suggestions?

Jeff Schultz

Apr 7, 2022

Extension Not Working - Need Assistance

I've allowed notifications in Chrome from as well as allowed notifications on Windows but it's still not working. Right clicking and then clicking on the drop down for v7 to check does nothing, with no result at the top, either.

Am I doing something wrong?

Disa Marnesdottr

Mar 25, 2022

Which site notifications? All of them?

Extension not working if I enable notifications for Do I have to enable ALL chrome notifications for this to work?

Sanyog Jain

Mar 20, 2022

Images being collected

Respected sir/ma'am,
When I use your extension on a profile photo, is the image sent to your servers or any other third party servers? If yes, how long is the data retained and for what purposes is it used? Will the image be used for training?
Thanking you

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