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Igor Kirichenko

May 6, 2024

List of Fake Data

We use your extension with success, thank you very much!
Could you share a full list of fake data for First and Last names?

We need it for our app development.

RL QA Lead
Igor Kirichenko

Artemi Lebedev

Feb 28, 2024



I still don't understand: how to use one of the predefined and specific addresses for the mail field?

Benjamin Taylor

Aug 23, 2023

Not working on dropdowns, radio or checkboxes

This started in the last week. It simply does not fill in selects, checkboxes or radio inputs.
I uninstalled it yesterday and it started to work again, but today it is back to now working.

Console error message is
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'checked')
at t.value (chrome-extension://bnjjngeaknajbdcgpfkgnonkmififhfo/build/content-script.js:2:610694)
at t.value (chrome-extension://bnjjngeaknajbdcgpfkgnonkmififhfo/build/content-script.js:2:617311)
at chrome-extension://bnjjngeaknajbdcgpfkgnonkmififhfo/build/content-script.js:2:625603
at NodeList.forEach (<anonymous>)
at t.value (chrome-extension://bnjjngeaknajbdcgpfkgnonkmififhfo/build/content-script.js:2:625566)
at t.value (chrome-extension://bnjjngeaknajbdcgpfkgnonkmififhfo/build/content-script.js:2:626094)
at <anonymous>:1:40

Ahmed Mohamed

Aug 4, 2023

There is a problem in adding extenstion to google chrome

every time i try to add extenstion it met me an error
download interrupted then every time i retry process it get back same error

Nathan Stanford

May 5, 2023

Is there a way to set the format for the phone number?

I would like to change it to either 222-333-4444 or 2223334444

Is there a way I can do that?


Feb 7, 2023

Unable to fill fields other than those that need text.

Trying to use it with google forms, it only fills the fields that need text in it. The remaining fields such as ,multiple choice selections or single selections remain blank & aren't being filled. How do I fix it?

Stephen Silveira

Oct 22, 2022

Keyboards Shortcuts Not working anymore

Idk if its from new version of chrome or fake filler, but none of the shortcuts are working.

Any helps? tks

Aisha Alieva

Sep 18, 2022

download issue

i cant dowload any extension to my chrome. it says the dowload interrupt. but I have a good connection and my chrome is up to date/\.

Raut Dhiraj

Sep 16, 2022

Add other public mail boxes

Right now I think there's only mailinator for emails. Please add other public mail boxes such as getnada and Yopmail

Nicholas Hayashi

Apr 9, 2022

This extension installs a new database into indexeddb. Why?

It's called `firebaseLocalStorageDb`.

Open the Application tab in dev tools in chrome - > IndexedDb
To see it.

Google apps