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Mohamedreza Rohani

Jul 25, 2023

Text color change

Could you please add text color change as well?
I really love your app
and honestly speaking, don't want to switch to another app just because of the lack of this function, so, if possible, could you please add thing function?
sth like this app?
but this one was banned from chrome for a period because of safety concerns?

Haipeng Wu

May 24, 2023



Jeremías Benjamín Feltan

Dec 21, 2022

Problem with Passive mode

There is a problem since last update (current version 2.3): I can't use the Passive mode because the button to activate it for the current URL is missing. When I click the icon, it only shows "Running in" but no button is shown. Thank you.

Peggy Robinson

Dec 21, 2022

Blue blocker

Does this block the blue light like the glasses do?

Paracog Steadham

Dec 21, 2022

Can't donate through Paypal.

This is really nice. Would like to donate, but can't through Paypal. Consider getting a Patreon account?

d dangmao

Dec 21, 2022



Young Yang

Dec 21, 2022



Abi Bevan

Sep 25, 2022

Use with reddit?


I can't get this to change the background on reddit


Feb 21, 2022


Can I choose a different sound when notified? Right now, the app is using the Gong sound. I literally jump out of my chair each time. I like the app but does it have to use a sledge hammer?

Manzoor Hossain

Jul 12, 2019

underline links

Hi, best app, thanks!
Can you also please underline links.

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