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David BillenJan 1, 2024

I like the concept very much. If anyone would prefer a warm color instead of green this value #E6DBCA is the same luma (perceived brightness) as the default but is D55 gray, (looks kind of tan colored).

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Shae G. (**Shae410Star**)Aug 10, 2023

there is no easy way to get it to work and most of the buttons are in another language so i have no idea how to navigate it

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Nathapon B.Aug 7, 2023

One of my must have browser extensions now, thank you

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Who CaresMar 27, 2023

5 stars

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Jeremías Benjamín FeltanDec 21, 2022

Simple, easy.

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Henry LiFeb 14, 2022

This has been working well for me for so long!! But after I UPDATED Chrome a few days ago this is NO LONGER changing google doc background to green colors :((( Hope the developer will see this comment soon!

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久远寺千歳DeveloperDec 21, 2022

Hi there, seems like I've replied you on github? But let me put it again for the information of everyone: google doc has switched to render with canvas, which I have no way to touch. So this is an issue that I'm not able to fix, sorry for that.

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Raul D DurandDec 14, 2020

This one actually works!

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FranceOct 23, 2020

Seems to work on most sites I've tried so far. I knew #dce6f2 was a background colour that worked well for me (you can check here: just by clicking the little sunglasses at the top). This extension is customisable (i.e. pick the background colour that works for you) and seems to work on most sites. Makes reading on the screen a lot easier for me.

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Aflam RecapOct 22, 2020

I would have given it 5 stars because it does the job very well but unfortunately It takes a few seconds until it tints the page and that can be very annoying during the night

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久远寺千歳DeveloperNov 12, 2020

Hi there, sorry for the inconvinent. There is a small lag between page load and our code runs, that's because this extension does not simply replace background-color for all elements. Instead it looks into every element's original background-color and decide which ones should be replaced. To do that, we have to wait for the page to fully load its original styles and send us a signal "page is loaded". We have no way to do that before page sends us the signal. Hope that can explain.

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Harvard YoungFeb 14, 2020

thanks for developing this tool ,so amazing

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