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Anupama anand

Nov 3, 2020


it is not working ... .

Anupama anand

Nov 3, 2020


It is not even working ...

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 20, 2018

Break alert not showing

Dear Sir / Madam,

Reference to the above subject, I have been using your software for along time now and recently I downloaded SuperAntiSpyware protection and after the scan the break alert is not showing in Windows 10.

Please help.
Thank you

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 6, 2018

Sophos Anti Virus disabled EyeCare Notification

Dear Sir,

Reference to the above subject, I recently installed Sophos Anti Virus to my desktop computer and after installation, I don't get the Reminder Notification to take break from EyeCare.

Looking forward to your kind confirmation on the above.

Thanks and best regards,

Kate Swartz

Mar 29, 2018

Notification not coming up

Hi there, the notification is usually very reliable but it's just telling me to take a break in the background.

This has never happened before
Please fix

Natalia Zakharchuk

Oct 5, 2017

FullScreen mode

1) I have two monitors, the app lock only the main
2) After exit fullscreen app resize incorrect, i should turn off/on second monitor for correct app resizing

Ganesh Arumugam Mudaliar (Ganesh)

Sep 30, 2017

Notification Bar

Notification bar is not hide, when i postpone...
Pls Show Postponed time as notification..


Ekrem Cihad ÇETİN

Aug 28, 2017

For More screen

You can update screen lock for more screen. I am using 3 screen and main screen locked, but others are active. You can lock others.

Denisse Meza

Aug 9, 2017

Full screen mode

Today, the app went full screen and I can' find a way to make it small again. I love the little window.

Jessica Monroe

Jun 9, 2016

full size

the program started off being just a little window. for some reason it is now full screen and will only minimize to the task bar - it will not go back to being a little window.

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