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Mar 22, 2022

Chrome shooting itself in teh foot again

perhaps you could make an entire web page dedicated to play audio and communicates with this extension playlist? i know nothing about scripting...

Rob M

Apr 28, 2017

Seems to be broken on Chrome 58

Since updating to Chrome 58, Sound Pirate doesn't work anymore. Every site I used to use it successfully on no longer works. Please update!


Jan 13, 2017

what codecs support?

what codecs support?

support formats wav gsm 8000hz?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 23, 2016

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Jun 21, 2016

say hello from china

I'm a student in china. I'm trying to develop a music extension that can play music while I'm using chrome. After long-long time searching. I find that your extension's play music function suits my needs perfectly. But i can't find the source code :) I decide to write it myself. Here is my problem. Is the music function must be placed inside the "background.js" to make the music can be played even not open the "popup.html"? If it is, I think I have to write a simple player on my own, looks so tough. T_T

Thank you for your great idea!

Shawn Garlick

May 4, 2016

New Permissions (04MAY2016)


So I've noticed that Extereo was disabled in my Chrome so I decided to re-enable it and to my surprise it stated that it was disabled because it needed new permissions, so I was looking at those required permissions and I'm just a little curious as to why it would even need to touch my Bookmarks, why would it need to manage my downloads when it didn't need to before, and why it should need to read and change all data on the websites I visit...? What?

Please clarify, I touted massive props for this plugin/extension/addon and now it's asking for some hefty permissions just to play an MP3 file in temp download...

Bruno Saraiva

Mar 5, 2016

Did not find pls or m3u link on page

I tested this extension to play directly on Chrome.

That website has three different links in it, but I couldn't get the extension to find either... Bottom line, it did not work as I understood it would.

Jean Accoceberry

May 4, 2015

bwf extension?

can it plays audio bwf files ?

Shawn Garlick

Oct 11, 2014

Memory Leak

I've noticed that this add-in seems to have a problem with a memory leak as yesterday I caught it having used up 1.7 GB of my physical memory (no big as I have 16 GB total) but had I not caught it it would have kept growing. I don't know why this happened but I thought I'd bring it to your attention. I had to re-move it and re-add it to chrome to get it to fix, and I'm testing it out again to make sure it does or does not start leaking memory.

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