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Alp Yorston

Apr 16, 2024

Error in latest update

Hey there, this was working flawlessly until the most recent update today. Now it won't load when it's clicked on.

Greg A.

Nov 18, 2022

Can we save workspaces?


Can we save workspaces that have groups of extensions? So, we could have like Minimal, Work, Research, Gaming, or whatever workspaces/groups. Each workspace/group would have multiple different extensions associated with them for enabling. Then, click on saved workspace/group to bulk enable all associated extensions. We could then quickly switch between workspaces/groups with a click. Thoughts?


Carol Parrish

Feb 4, 2021

So...where's the "switch"?

Obviously, your other users quickly figured this out but when you promise "Provides a switch to toggle statuses of installed extensions", I'm still wondering where the switch is? I assumed that it would appear in the Chrome task bar but it ain't there!

Vince D

Apr 13, 2020

Is it possible for me to buy you a cup of coffee, lunch?

I realize that your extension is small and simple, but I use it a lot. Is there a way I can make a donation to you? Thanks!

Mik Max

Feb 25, 2019

After disabling all extensions one by one, they've disappeared from the toolbar and menu!

I disabled all extensions one by one. And then, they no longer appear in the toolbar as icons, nor do they appear at the top of the menu window (clicking 3 vertical dots at top right). How do I get all of my extensions back now? The lists in your extension are both totally empty - bot the enabled and disabled list!

Mik Max

Feb 18, 2019

Enable/disable ALL extensions switch?

I wish you had a function to disable/re-enable ALL extensions, yet NOT remove any of their icons from the toolbar. I use another extension for this functionality ( on my old MacBook (OS X 10.9.5), and it works this way just fine. But on Windows 10, it doesn't, and removes all the extensions from the toolbar. But unlike the other one (which is still v1.0 since 2012 lol), it looks like you actually maintain this extension, and have updated it recently. So hopefully you can make this happen, and I can be forever grateful that you did so. Thanks!

John Martin

Dec 28, 2018

A Bug In The System

Sometimes you want to disable all of your unnecessary extensions. So I set all my necessary ones to not display in the list. Then I disabled all of the unnecessary ones (that were still in the list). This is when I discovered the problem. When I went to click on the icon again, NOTHING appeared as being enabled nor disabled. All of the plugins that I left to be listed didn't appear and nothing came up when trying to search for one in the popup window. I had to go to the extensions page and enable at least one of the extensions (that was still being listed) in order to get THIS extension to even detect anything again. Please fix this bug.

Pisike Plika

Dec 26, 2017


Any way you can add folders to sort the extensions and then a user could activate all extensions in one folder or just pick the ones they need inside each?

Lets say I'm shopping online - would be nice to choose a folder that contains all the extensions I use for that.
Now when I need to get some work done Idisable all the shopping extensions and Choose the folder that contains all the extensions I use for work - I could enable all or pick the ones that I actually need at that moment.

Hope it's not hard to implement - would be nice.

I love your extension!!! but as the list gets longer and longer more sorting / organizing options would be nice.


Aug 29, 2017

Opening issue

I really like this extension but I have an annoying issue. When I click to open it, it often doesn't open properly, maybe a css issue. I see only 2/10th of the list.

Thank you


Aug 18, 2017

Scroll speed

Scroll speed too slow.
Please make it as fast as version 1.0

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