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Simon Leach

Oct 3, 2023


i wish to uninstall adblocker completely

Quenten Durbin

Jul 12, 2023

One click enable group

Is there any way to enable all extensions in a given group without enabling them individually?

Eyal Teutsch

Jul 2, 2023

how does one export the list of extensions?

Just installed v2.4.0 and couldn't find anywhere an option to export the list


May 29, 2023

some suggestions

1. manage extension button for each listed extension
2. dark mode
3. pin/unpin
4. edit the width and length of the window
5. change extension name (some extension names are too long, i want to shorten their names. there is a nickname option, but that doesn't change the actual name of the extensions. so, add an option to change extension name)

Rogerio M. Souza

Apr 22, 2023

increase the size fields from 20 to 60

Please increase the size of the [MANAGE GROUP] and [MANAGE NICKNAME] from fields , from 20 to 60.


John Sudds

Mar 14, 2023

Bug: Create Group dialog incorrect selection when using search filter

Open Create Group dialog. Search extension by name (something not already at the top of the list). Select the top result. Clear the search box. This sometimes results in two items being selected -- the one at the top of the list, and the search result. You are recreating the table to match search items, rather than hiding results that do not pass the search filter. In either case, the items in the table should have ID attribute, so that the check is associated with the correct record, and not just the top record.

John Sudds

Mar 14, 2023

The Create Group dialog should be the same everywhere.

On the Extensions tab, the Create Group menu shows a dialog that allows you to edit the name of the group and add/remove items from the group. On the Manage Group tab, the Edit button only lets you change the name of the group. Both of these experiences should be the same.

John Sudds

Mar 14, 2023

Untranslated string in edit group dialog when no group is selected.

With no group selected, hover/click Gear menu and select "Edit Group." String is shown as "暂无数据." This menu option should be disabled until a group is selected.

John Sudds

Mar 14, 2023

Click on Home or Detail doesn't always work

These buttons should open a dialog to display additional information, however, they are not reliable. Sometimes the dialog appears, but only about 50% of the time.

John Sudds

Mar 14, 2023

Untranslated menu item in top-level Group menu.

On Extension page, click Switch view until full details are shown (most information displayed). Then, hover/click first Gear icon near Privacy drop-down. The last menu option is shown as "导出插件" which appears to be related to exporting data; however, clicking the option does not appear to do anything.

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