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A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 26, 2017

EC stop working

This plugin has stop working. It won't update content anymore.

Will D

Feb 26, 2017

Not working anymore

The Wordpress plugin doesn't work anymore, and hasn't been updated for more than 1 year.

Nouveau Riche

Apr 16, 2016

are you still developing ExpressCurate?


are you still developing ExpressCurate?

Do you need any help?


Christophe Marier

Apr 7, 2016

Does not seem to work anymore

The extension does not seem to work anymore.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 24, 2016

Chrome extension doesn't work

When I try to curate all I get is the login section and when I enter the details, NOTHING. It just returns to the login again.

Brad Scott

Feb 6, 2016

Your website was down

All your website not available

Jason Walker

Sep 11, 2015

Network Failed

I keep getting a "network failed" box when i try to add the chrome extension

Will D

Sep 6, 2015

Unable to login to 2nd WP blog

1st WP login works fine, but it will not connect to a 2nd WP blog.

WP plugin is installed and working, but Chrome plugin doesn't seem to be able to detect it.

Rong Hua Ching

May 27, 2015

Unable to connect

After installation it does not work, retried to no avail. The extension is dead, no activation or response after download. Removed.

leeds- yoga

May 21, 2015

Chrome extension

I have abandoned EC for curation on my main website. I have reinstalled it on a secondary website.New plugin, new Chrome extension. I crossed my fingers and tried to curate my "first" article. Website name appears in top box, requests me to connect to
my website. Put in user name, put in password, nothing happens. won't connect with website as before. It used to work well but not now. Last ounce of patience draining away rapidly.

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