Support: Export Kindle Highlights to Notion V2 (2023)

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Ярослав N.

Oct 17, 2023

Wrong data

I have downloaded My Clippings.txt with just several books but the addon has created me a library with someone's else dozen's of books I have never even read.

Patricia Eulalio

Feb 28, 2023

Log in on Notion

I was able to use the extension last February 20, 2023. I tried using it again today however it was giving me an error message about logging in on Notion. I followed all of the troubleshooting steps but it was still the same. I wanted to continue using it but I ended up removing it instead. Do you have other workarounds for this? Thanks.


Dec 5, 2022

book cover

The book covers used to appear but lately it doesn't anymore. Is the issue on my end or do book covers really don't appear anymore?

Joe Zhu

Apr 20, 2022

can't sync Chinese page position and highlight time

The Chinese page position and highlight time in my clipping.txt file like below:
SRE:Google运维解密(博文视点图书) (孙宇聪)
- 您在位置 #1794-1796的标注 | 添加于 2020年2月29日星期六 下午5:47:00

sync to notion like this:

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