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Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/CSV*/XLS*

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Tracy Chen

Nov 5, 2023

typedCount vs. visitCount

Hi, what does "typedCount" and "visitCount" mean in the "chrome_history.json"?

Fenna van Lint

Nov 24, 2021

Great extension

This extension works great! Nice that you can set the amount of exported history records. Is there any way to set a certain number as default? The default value is now always 100000. And is there a way to use this extension with a shortcut/hotkey in Chrome?

Binh Son Vo (Son Techno)

Feb 21, 2021


how to import to chrome on other computer?


Jan 15, 2020

Only exporting about 18,000 records...

This is only exporting about 18,000 records going back three months. I can scroll down my History in Chrome and see that more history is there.

Zeljko Micic

Nov 6, 2019


What's the location of downloaded JSON file? I didn't get the option to save it to desired location. Does this extension works with newest Chrome Version 78.0.3904.87?

Jochem Stoel

May 23, 2018

Periodically import/export

I would like to periodically export bookmarks/history to a specified location, overwriting if possible. For instance once every time I start Chrome. Can you add this functionality or should I unpack your plugin and add it myself?

A Chrome Web Store user

May 23, 2018

JSON file not downloading


When we click on 'Chrome Bookmarks.JSON' button a file is downloaded but that fileis not a .json file.
Please fix the issue.

Muhammad Bilal

Mar 5, 2018

Older History

How do I see more than 50000 older records?

Gavin White

Nov 28, 2017

A Valid JSON is Required

Where / how do I get this?


Nov 9, 2017

cancel my subscription

I had to run a screen video on the history for the employee meeting tomorrow. This extension would not export. Kept crashing when the window opened up to save.

I have screen video of it crashing multiple times.

REFUND me. Also I think you charged me twice. I cancelled one when it had my company name for the card. Then I did it with my personal name.

I got 2 texts from my credit card company saying there were charges.

Refund everything. I wil report it to my credit card as non-functioning software.

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