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leidy vergara

Dec 23, 2023

15 support problems

for more nelp ,see tne developer support site

Hanan Ur Rehman

Apr 15, 2022


Need annotations functionality for screenshots

Patty Conaway

Jan 28, 2022

Add Estension

every time i hit the button Add Estension it always tells me Error Ocured, what am i doing wrong?

Azim Malik

Jan 24, 2020

Remember what i've typed in the textbox if i click on a webpage that is being tested

When entering data, it doesn't remember what you've typed in if you click away to inspect something on the browser. You have to enter all your findings for that one bug again. A bit of a pain. Could you make it so that it remembers where you left off if you need to click on the web page that you are testing?

Lê Nguyên Nguyễn

Dec 4, 2019

Add word wrap for Description

Very useful extension. But could you please make word wrap for the Description column both when viewing Session Report and exporting to HTML file?. Thanks.

Joe Kingston-Lee

Jun 13, 2019

Time lag when inputting text into 'Idea' text box

Firstly thanks for this app, I have only started using this but have wanted something like this for a while!
I just thought I'd report an issue I am having. Basically there is significant time lag between key input and text appearing in the Idea text box. Others inputs work normally (Bug's, notes etc).
I prepared this GIF to demonstrate the issue in case my description above is not clear.

Chrome details:
Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4

Vivek Menon

Mar 26, 2019

Google Test and Feed back test case steps.

When I use t&f in devops it only records maximum 15 steps. Is there any way to capture more steps.

Vivek Menon

Mar 26, 2019

Test and feedback not recording enough steps

When using test and feed back in Devops, it only records 15 steps. So I cannot create a test case with more than 15 test steps. I am not sure if there is any setting that can record all steps not just 15. Thanks

Carlos Camacho

Jun 1, 2018

Import session from JSON

Hi, while I used this extension, I found that the "Import session from JSON" button does not works.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 31, 2017

Editable Categories

Hi Francisco,

This is a really useful tool!

I'm wondering if there's any scope to add user accounts where we could edit the reporting categories? i.e. the ability to add tailored categories to the existing 'Bug', 'Note', 'Question', 'Idea' fields?

I'd like to add my own groups for things like 'Styling', 'Logical error', Security issue', etc.

Thanks for creating this tool - it's so helpful for testing!


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