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EviLock: this free extension allows you to manage the autologin functions of EviTag® and EviCard products.

The extension is for all Chromium-based web browsers that work with EviTag® and EviCard® products, password and bank card managers. The extension works with an NFC device incorporating Freemindtronic® SL's EviAlpha technology. It allows secure intelligent auto-connection to websites and auto-filling of fields. It also offers advanced options to protect sensitive data, such as the ability to hide "username and password" fields to protect against prying eyes and malicious screenshots. In addition, thanks to its local network operation, it natively protects against keystroke recordings on a keyboard made by malicious software and/or hardware. The extension also has an automatic function to combat the risk of phishing by typosquatting. To do this, it automatically saves the URLs of accounts when first connecting. This allows the user to auto-connect only if the URL matches the saved web account. Otherwise, the connection and/or auto-fill request will be blocked. It can be used with all computers in the home and a single device to perform an automatic connection and/or online payment. To do this, simply click on a connection button that sends a request to the phone to present a Tag or Card device. For this, the phone and computer must be on the same local network as your home. This offers an ideal solution for physically controlling access to sensitive accounts on the internet in order to prevent inappropriate consultations and/or disclosure of private information. The extension is automatically translated into 12 languages: Arabic (AR), Catalan (CA), Chinese (CN), German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO) and Russian (RU). An advanced security system also allows you to manage a very large number of phones per browser on a single computer. Thus, you can have a single computer used by several people. A servo system increases the cyber safety and security of sensitive data. With this extension, your sensitive data is only recorded in the devices that you use freely and simply, anywhere, anytime, in any situation. Your bank cards are digitally and physically protected for use on the internet if you decide to physically erase the visual cryptogram CCV CVC CVV CID CSC used for online purchases but visible on the card. By using this extension to auto-fill your bank card details during an online payment, you can be sure that your bank information is protected. Finally, it allows you not to leave any trace of your usernames, passwords or bank information on computers, phones or online sales sites. EviLock is a totally anonymous application dedicated to individual private use. It is not connected to any remote server and does not collect any sensitive data. It is non-intrusive and does not save any sensitive data on either the computer and/or phone. It covers various authentication and online payment situations without contact in an encrypted manner from the NFC device. Here are the simplified main options of the extension for private use: Automatic connection & auto-fill: - Activate or deactivate auto-fill with automatic connection - Activate or deactivate display of selected field - Activate or deactivate hide field content - Activate or deactivate uncheck "Remember me" if detected in web page code Bank card: - Activate or deactivate display of selected Identity field - Hide field content - Uncheck "remember me" (username and password) Fleet management of coupled phones: - Add a phone - List of paired phones with favorites management Automatic connection or auto-fill: - Without keyboard input - Without contact - Intelligent detection of username and password fields and bank card information - All these actions in one click Saving and synchronizing the list of phones and administrable auto-saved URLs are synchronized with Google accounts in particular. The extension is protected by international patents and copyright held by Freemindtronic SL Andorra by destination. The design, development, updates and manufacture of solutions are carried out by Freemindtronic which ensures a guarantee and longevity in the security and reliability of the EviAlpha technology used implemented in this extension. It is important to note that following updates to Chromium-based browsers, all versions prior to version 2.0.0 are no longer functional. Similarly, from version 2.0.0 onwards, the remote server dedicated to simple artificial intelligence for auto-connection is no longer active. Now integrated into the Android application with which the extension is compatible.

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    March 23, 2023
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    freemindtronic sl
    Av Coprincep de Gaulle n°13 Edifici Valira planta Baixa Escaldes-Engordany AD700 AD
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