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Jorge Otaduy Guerín

Oct 22, 2023

Modificar el estilo de la nota

¿Cómo puedo modificar el estilo de la nota -tipo de letra y tamaño- de manera permanente? Siempre vuelve al establecido por defecto

Alexandra Hoyos

Jul 12, 2023

uninstall app

How can I remove this app from my account?

Tony Modesto

Jun 2, 2023

Cancel the product

I’m not willing to pay for this and it won’t allow me to cancel it.

antonio santana

Jul 8, 2022

problemas com a conta

estou com duas contas quero excluir uma

Terre Lee Morgan

Oct 11, 2021

will not load, will not even load demand for payment!!!

if you can at least do that much i will pay your ransome of $8, get my stuff and be done with you forever. you are nothing but a thorn in my side.

Steinar Kjær Johansen

Aug 25, 2020

can not start anymore on my Linux Xubuntu with chrome-app

Chrome browser app is not working anymore on my Xubuntu.
The strange thing is that it works on my linux Lubuntu

reeta none

Jun 10, 2020


can not get it to start

Luca Gentile (Cyclorbit)

Mar 5, 2020

Insert link in text not working

When I insert a link in a text, the text disappear.

Will Oliveira

Oct 24, 2019

Shortcut Linux

Don't have more the shortcut to SO?

Catherine Elizabeth Slaattebræk

Apr 20, 2019

Nytt Nettbrett.

Har ikke tid å være her mer nå i kveld.

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