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Aneta Yesayan

Feb 22, 2022


how to cancel my subscription ?

Shlomo Dovid Freedman

May 27, 2019

How do I invoke Evernote Shortcuts? Is there a key combinations?

I'd really like to get started but I'm stumped. Thanks.

Eskil Andersen

Jan 30, 2019

Font size increment/decrement

I would love to have a feature where I can either increment or decrement the font size with keyboard shortcuts.

Matt Chavera

Nov 15, 2018

Error Message

Hello! I'm interested in using your Chrome Extension, but I can't seem to get it to work.
I keep receiving the error "EverShort only works when you are on EverNote's website and logged in: or" I've tried disabling all my other extensions, but it still doesn't work. Do you have any advice?

Michał Rusnarczyk

Jul 6, 2018

Polish version

How to put checkbox? In Polish it's the symbol "ć" so it doesn't work. Can I change shortcuts? It would be useful in that case.

Christophe Pelé

May 11, 2018

Sometimes Esc key not working to exit editing mode

Sometimes the Esc key is not working when I'm editing a note, and I have to hit F5 to reload the page to be able to exit editing mode and use the controls.

Jop van Dijk

Nov 13, 2017

how to activate cotrols?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, but how do I activate the controls? Just typing 'F' types an 'F' inside my note (like it should) so I guess I'm looking for the escape character?

Andrew Hawkins

Oct 28, 2017

can't get extension to work

I've opened the Evernote site but the shortcuts don't work. Using Chrome on Windows 10

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 26, 2017

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Is there a way to create a bullet list or other formatting options using this?

A Chrome Web Store user

May 13, 2017

not working

the popup box with the list of keys pops up

but nothing works.

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