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Niren Shah

Apr 12, 2024

Are you planning to add IPL (and other major leagues) scores to the Live Scores section?

Would be great to have those scores available from the first click.

Jai Uvaraju

Apr 3, 2023

Widget shows news in Tamil in addition to English


Over the last week I have noticed that the ESPN cricinfo chrome extension displays certain news in Tamil language. How do I go about to show only English articles?

Peter Scott

Nov 18, 2022

Enabling extension causes Chrome browser to auto-open on Mac

Issue: Chrome Browser autostarts at login, even though it's not my default browser, nor have I added it to Open at Login items.

System notification: "Google will open automatically when you log in. You can manage this in Login Items Settings"

Solution: Disabling the CricInfo extension

I have only noticed this issue since updating my MacOS to Ventura, where, whenever I started my Mac, Chrome (not my default browser) would automatically add itself to the "Open at Login" settings in my Mac System Settings, and would open the full browser window (not in the background). Even after repeated manual removal from the list of Startup items, every time I opened Chrome, the system notification would reappear and Chrome would open in a full window again at startup.

Searching through Apple and Google forums, the suggestion was made to investigate background items running. I found no background items running, so next tried investigating various browser extensions.

After disabling all extensions, then removing Google from the list of startup items, then re-enabling extensions one-by-one, it turns out that all extensions were fine, but every time I re-enabled CricInfo, I would receive a Settings notification that "Google will open automatically when you log in..." and Chrome would appear in the startup items list again.

Hey guys, I've loved using the fantastic CricInfo extension and site for years! Is this something you could look into please.

Many thanks,

Aaqib Ali

Oct 18, 2022


Short all news

Ankit Baghel

Oct 3, 2020

No ipl scores in extension


How can I see ipl scores in cricinfo extension.
Thanks in advance.


Nadir Sheikh

Sep 19, 2020

Why no IPL live scores ????

IPL is the biggest competition in cricket league. Why no live scores available in extension ? Disappointed really. Please do something about it. IPL is a must

P Y M (Prajwal)

Mar 8, 2020

not working

tested on chromium based browser and the extension panel after clicking display something like image not found frame in html.


Jun 27, 2019

Extra filter requested

I'd like a filter added so I can filter by just mens matches, or just womens matches, or both mens and womens (as it is currently)


Jun 3, 2019

Cricinfo Extension shows duplicate data, kindly fix this issue.

1. Click on the Cricinfo Chrome extension
2. See the duplicate data in live score

Nick Roots

Apr 3, 2018

Just keeps "Loading"

If I close Chrome and restart it works once or twice then freezes again

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