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Kathryn Diffey

Aug 26, 2023

no longer works on amazon usa

this extension is no longer working on amazon kindle pages for last week.
have deleted and reinstalled with no change

Erin-Joi Collins

Aug 26, 2023

Kindle store pages reformatted

The Kindle Store pages have been reformatted. The ereaderiq injector no longer adds to the page.

Kip Gregory

Jun 7, 2023

Injector data won't load in Microsoft Edge (and Chrome)

Frequently, when I load a Kindle book page in my browser, I only see the (cycling) status blocks in the Injector window, i.e., the history and tracking information won't load. The only workaround I've found is to DOUBLE-click on the browser Refresh button, which - about 50% of the time - results in the eReaderIQ information then being displayed. Have you encountered or heard from others experiencing this issue? It's not new for me, I'm just finally posting about it. Would love to know if there's a fix. Thank you. Great tool, btw.

Jason and Michelle Lawless

Jun 29, 2019

won't log in

Extension is loaded and active on Chrome On an Amazon book page, red box "log in for more". when I log in, it still doesn't load and that red box remains. Checked and I can log into ereaderiq site just fine with same email.

Bruna A. Souza

Jan 2, 2019

Support for other regions

Please add support for the Brazilian store

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 18, 2018

How do I remove this app please?

I am finding that I do not need this information.
Please advise how I should remove the window from Amazon.

Thu Pham

Aug 29, 2018 /

Sadly it doesn't work on and on the

Mark Barnes

Mar 29, 2018

This is a great extension — but it doesn't work on the new domain.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 22, 2017

Icon grayed out

Icon grayed out, not working in chrome. Help!

Chip Milligan

Jun 30, 2017

how to add books??

ok, I have the extension, now how do I get the wishlist book on the watch list??

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