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Tom Torrez

Jul 5, 2023

Opening an epub file

How do I open an epub file? Does a "How to" website or YouTube video for a Quick Start primer on how to use this extension?

Kat Ambort

Jun 14, 2023

Ebook unable to load

I'm unable to download a purchased ebook, need assistance please.

Ijey Nwachuku

Feb 17, 2023

Purchased Book for my teaching class

I have tried to open/download my purchased course e-book but continued to show failed. So what do I do and I need it to submit my summer 2023 bookstore order.

Simone Ginzburg

Feb 12, 2023


When I click to download an epub file from a webpage, the extension opens it withint chrome, but where does it save it so that I can transfer it to another device or find it later? Thank you

Ginger Alms

Nov 7, 2022

epub not opening

I keep trying to open an epub, and I get this message, "You already have the same or a newer version of this publication." I cannot find this publication on my computer anywhere, and this is the latest version. What can I do? I am not sure how you will answer my question. My email is

David Null

Jun 27, 2022

epub reader

app does not open epub file. instead chrome gives me a list of irrelevant app to choose from to open epub

app does not appear in list of apps accessed by left circle although installed

Version 69.0.3497.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

S Black

Jun 16, 2022

Cover not shown

Lately this doesn't display the cover page anymore. Everything else works fine, but the cover is a blank page.

KIN sLayEr

Jun 15, 2022


How do i use bookmark?
I saved the bookmark. how do i load the saved?
also if i closed the book window, do i have to find the book in the folder again and find the page where i left?

Benard Macharia

Jun 13, 2022

Not Working

EPUB only working when it wants to. Worst experience ever.

Stephanie Runyon

Apr 12, 2022

Progress Bar

Is there a way to show the progress bar percent or a page number? I proofread epub files, and while the reading options are perfect, when I note errors for the publishing company, I need some way to tell them where the error is located.

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