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Jekaterina Jermolajeva

Jan 11, 2024

need help with eprolo google extension

Please, help me to fix it. "Currently, only Google plugins are supported for importing AliExpress products. Please click to install" i need it ASAP!

Gabriela Jauregui Zuñiga

Nov 17, 2023

non riesco ad scaricare prodotti su aliexpress

Salve, non riesco piu ad scaricare prodotti di aliexpress come posso soluzionare?

Raymundo Rodriguez

Oct 27, 2023

the extension not working

the extension simply not importing products from aliexpress nor eprolo store...

Nicole Morel

Oct 24, 2023

the extension is broken again

I am not able to import anything agin it keeps saying error: contact eprolo ive tried uininstalling it and re installing it several times. I dont know what to do because I use eprolo for all my products. Now, I lost over 100 products that were suppose to of already been imported however eprolo has None of them,. That took me so long now I dont know how im going to be able to find and source all 100 again UGH!

Lori Ann

Oct 2, 2022

Eprolo Chrome Extension stopped working Yesterday????

I stopped Seeing the Eprolo green Icon to import so I deleted the extension and added it back but still not working or able to import products directly like I was able to do with Aliexpress? Not sure what is the problem?

jeremy turner

Aug 30, 2022

Need help

How to import the products from my eprolo account to my new ecommerce account. I been had the eprolo account. Its showing that my products are in the products section. I just opened a new woocommerce store and connected my eprolo account to it. But the products thats in the product section is not showing up in my store. The items that are in my import section is letting me push them through to the new store. I need the products that's in the product section to be pushed into my new store thats connected to it

Fashion Closet

Dec 25, 2021

Order products

I keep getting an error saying Submitting cart error when I try to make an order from Eprolo to AliExpress. AliExpress would load up and bypass the product and variants to be added to the cart and just head straight to the cart; where I receive a submit cart error.

Sandy Forge

Nov 10, 2021

My EPROLO extension is not working

I'm only able to import aliexpress product by using the product link
please help

Graciela Botella Pereyra

Nov 24, 2019

My Eprolo extension is not working. Can you help me?

I try to find Aliexpress products from Eprolo but the Extension is not working

Kieren Dickinson

Oct 30, 2019

Customer feedback

Im just wondering why I cant find any reviews for you guys?
And I see you only have 506 users, is that correct?
I love your delivery times but worried why there is no info I can read about their experiences?

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