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Pawan Kumar Singh (IN)

May 21, 2024

Regarding Security Concern related to Environment Marker Plugin

Hi Team,

As, I want to use this plugin in my Organization but has some security related concern. Can you please answer on that?

1. Whether keystroke capturing is enabled for this plug in/add-in?
2. Is the ad in/plug in setting is limited to access only Environment Marker or anyone else can access it ?
3. Whether encryption in transit is enabled? Please share the details. Confirm whether minimum TLS 1.2 is used
4. Please confirm whether any data is sent out of Current environment or organization?
5. Whether any other users can access it ?

Pawan K Singh

Cuong Nguyen

May 7, 2024

Env marking based on cookie

We have 2 integration environments which can be distinguished only by a cookie value.
Can you please add this feature? Many thanks :)

Robert Lerner

Nov 28, 2023

The Environment Marker stopped working

I have been using the Environment Marker for some time, but now I get this message for every environment I am trying to configure: It is not possible to toggle visibility for this URL because you have not configured it yet.
I am not sure what has changed and what I should configure. Could you please provide insight on how this can be solved?

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 8, 2022

Where are the settings stored

Hello, Great and easy to use tool.
We are pushing the extension by group policy.
I was wondering where the user options (URLS and colors) are stored? register?
This so we could push the settings to all our users.
I've read that latest version gives the ability to push settings through a server URL, but then we still would have to set this URL for each user. Thanks in advance

Shulamis Schwarz

Feb 28, 2022

Privacy Policy

Where can your full privacy policy documentation be found?

Igor Adamović

Jan 4, 2021

Push configuration

Is it possible to push configuration to all Chrome users (Google workspace) in same domain?

Boris Bashkatov

Sep 14, 2020

max number of markers

Hello dear Geovanne Borges Bertonha
Can't add more than 67 marker is it an issue or just program limitation?

evoup yin

May 27, 2020

adjust font size support

hello,this tool is really good!A little issue,could you developer font adjust functionality,because if I write large amount of letters, it`s out of the screen. Thank!

Minor Alvarez Gomez

May 27, 2020

Great Tool, just add some extra settings

Hi ! I love this addon! , can you please add a setting to make the ribbon a little bit more transparent? sometimes I cannot read things below the ribbon.
Besides, maybe it would be good to adjust the ribbon's size/width
best regards

Neviton Andre Araujo

Mar 31, 2020

Suggestion for this Nice Extension

It only checks the domain, but it would be nice if it could check the whole url againt the regex for instance.
I would like to have different markers not only between different domains, but for different paths also.

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