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May 7, 2021

may I share this website on my class?

Hi, I am a computer science teacher for 7-12y children. Your project is so amazing, fun, and inspiring. May I share your game to my students? I believe it would be such helpful for their logical thinking and observation.
Besides, thanks again for your hard work! I really enjoy!

AJ Beardsworth

Feb 5, 2021

purchase not activated

I logged into my paypal to pay for the expansion because I've been playing the same map for more than a year. The purchase went through and took money out of my account, but the expansion isn't available for me to play. It looks like other people have had this issue as well.

Lance Blair

Nov 20, 2020

PayPal didn't work

Hi, I just paid for the Expansion Pack on PayPal using the link through the web app. As soon as I paid, it just said "Entanglement" is now on Steam. I set up a Steam account and it wants me to buy it again. I don't have the Expansion Pack available now on the Chrome web app. Your help in this matter is appreciated. Thank you.


Oct 25, 2020

Paid for DLC and did not receive it.

Just what's said above. I paid for the extra maps, paypal processed the transaction, twice, and I haven't received the extra maps.

Veronica Infante

Aug 5, 2020

Internet Connection

Based on the description, "Additionally, once you have installed Entanglement, you can play without needing a connection to the Internet. Unplug and enjoy!"
However, when I tried to launch the game offline, it didn't launch and says that I'm not connected to the internet. As I can remember years ago, I used to play this offline but now I can't. I just recently added this to my chrome and I don't know what's wrong. Please help.

J Chenault

Jan 17, 2019

entanglement extension on HP Chromebook

I just got a new Chromebook and I'd like to uninstall Entanglement. I don't wish to offend, I just have some unusual circumstances that require me to uninstall. Please help.

Cadine Vernon

Jan 14, 2019

language setting

hey guys,
I am addicted to this game, however my issue is the game is in some other language and this time i can't figure how to switch it back to English.
Please help!
And we need a mobile app too :)

Dane Welty

Sep 29, 2018


I have bought the map expansion twice on both of my google accounts and it still is not showing up that I own any maps. I would like to have my maps and I really don't want to have to pay for it again.

Cheri Anderson

Feb 10, 2018

log in

when I go to log in nothing happens. I no access to my map extensions to play, that I paid for a long time ago.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 5, 2018

Can't post my scores

I changed my Google/Chrome password 28 days ago, and since then, I have only been able to post my scores once. My new password worked to sign on here.

What can I do, or what can you recommend to me so I can post my high scores again?

I love your game! I'm getting better at it,and want to compare my scores!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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