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Samala Abhinay

Sep 24, 2022

related to files from vtop

the problem is related to vtop files are not been downloading into a folder where it was downloading and making a folder before can you please make changes for it as it was so helpful for us

Lokesh K

Aug 22, 2022

VTOP UI and UX "update"

VTOP has been made worse UI-wise and now both the auto-captcha AND course page features are not working. Could you please fix this? The course page file download option was especially great and has helped me a lot. Thanks in advance

Arun Prakash 21BIT0551

Jun 24, 2022

Auto captcha not working

The vtop has recently gone through a ui update and the auto captcha that was working previously is not working after this update . It would be a great help if you could fix this issue


Sep 7, 2021

RE: Downloading the files from the VTop

From past week , I couldn't able to download the files in the respective location as earlier.
Added to that, files aren't getting renamed, even though tried deleting and adding the extension.
Please look into it, as many of the students are facing this issue!

Thank you!

Kunche Venkata krishna rao

Sep 5, 2021

download issue

files are not getting downloaded to vit downloads they are downloading normally like fallsemster ---- , before not adding extension how the files would download same it shows when we add also , recently only this problem has occured

Sankar Kumar

Sep 4, 2021

files isnt downloading in vit downloads and arent getiing renamed

issue is only for some subjects

Samala Abhinay

Jun 28, 2021

about the captcha

can i keep captcha for other websites also do u know any extension which gives captcha for other all websites also


Apr 9, 2020


when i select a file to download i can get number before file name so they are in list but when i select download all materials its not able to in the specific order in which it should be
all files are arranging according to alphabetical order


Feb 5, 2019

Can't download

whenever I download from my login, it's showing me an error message "Failed - Path too long". I can't download even a single file. On other browsers its working correctly without your extension. Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you!

Sidhantha Poddar

Jan 26, 2019

"go back" button not working

goes back to the course page but cannot open/view other teachers course page
it freezes on clicking the view option after going back
have to refresh every time after using it

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