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Charles Liang

Feb 27, 2024

Extreeeeeme Laaaaaaag

The latest version (v3.0.7) did NOT fix the bug causing the lag on the website (like,

Eddie Zhuang

Feb 23, 2024

Extreme Lag

Over the past few days, I noticed abnormal lag when loading and typing in almost every website on Chrome. This persisted both on my laptop and my PC. When I disabled EndNote Click, everything went back to normal.

There's a serious bug that's causing extreme lag on many websites. The recent reviews also confirm that they've had the same issue.

Eliane Santos

Aug 18, 2023

Falha no sistema..

O Windows não reconhece o programa , aparece a mensagem Classe não registrada.

Charlene Aparicio

Jun 9, 2023

Push to EndNote Account button

How to stop other programs from commandeering endote's Push to EndNote Account pdf button plugin in chrome browser?

Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doens't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Rose North

Apr 30, 2023

email : unable to send email

When I try to send email, I get a message about using the wrong mailing server. I don't understand how to pick the correct one. I need to print the instructions, but that isn't an option. Why not?!

Andrew Garneau

Jul 27, 2022

Cookie consent modal making page unusable

At the url when asking to sign in at, there is a div that displays the consent div for cookie tracking. Unfortunately the overlying fade container for this div is causing the buttons or anything on the view to be 'disabled' or not able to be accessed. To fix this I just went into the chrome dev tools and removed this element, accepted cookies, and was fine after that. Verified that this issue is happening on Chrome on multiple devices.

xq tian

Jul 21, 2022

PDF can not be loaded and save to "my locker"

it does not work on the website “”, PDF can not be retrieved and loaded, although I have institutional access to the papers manually.


Jun 13, 2022

endnote click lag in wos result page

when i use wos database,"View PDF with EndNote Click" always show lag more then 5sec in wos result page in this month.Sometimes i have to reload the result page,then i can see the "View PDF with EndNote Click" .

Anthony Salazar

Jun 6, 2022

Endnote click does not pop up

Dear Publisher,

When viewing an article from Science the Endnote plug in does not pop up asking me if I want to preview this article. I really enjoy this feature as it makes adding to my library easy. Why is it that some websites work while others do not. Is there anyway to manually activate this function when it does not do it automatically?



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