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William Bartholomew

Jan 16, 2024

need to know

Is Emsisoft connected to my computer? Microsoft says it is a dangerous site

James LaLonde

Dec 27, 2022


This was on my computer but when I did a recovery on my computer it did not come back with all the other icons.

Donna Panosh

Feb 23, 2022

new SSD drive

i just had a new ssd drive installed. Emsisoft shows on Chrome & Edge but I have nothing on the desktop to show the program & set for scans. Just renewed recently thru cloudeight. What should I do? Please advise. Donna Panosh

chris schneider

Apr 4, 2019

I do not want your extension

I see your ad multiple time a day telling me to install your extension. I don't want it. I have not requested it. I have contacted you regarding this before. I have now reported you to Chrome.

John Jr

Mar 16, 2019

Can Not Report Websites Again After Reporting One


I would like to report an issue with the Emsisoft Browser Security extension on the latest Windows 10 64-Bit in the latest version of Chrome 64-Bit in Incognito Mode (with the extensions HTTPS Everywhere, UBlock Origin, Video DownloadHelper, Decentraleyes, Windows Defender Browser Protection, and Privacy Badger installed), when I report a website it says "Site reported. Thank you!", and if I need to report another website during the same browser session the report button will be gone and only shows "Site reported. Thank you!"; and so I can not report another website until I exit the browser completely and come back again when using Incognito Mode.

I am not sure if this only happens in Incognito Mode or not, I always use Incognito Mode, and so I am not sure if this happens in normal mode too or not.

Thank you,
-John Jr

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 3, 2019

At every PC reboot, pops up to warn that it is not installed.

It says that it is not installed. That was true the first time, but it is not true now. Still, it warns that it is not installed. Also, I didn't know this feature was coming. Did I miss an email that announced it? That's possible, I receive a lot of email and it is hard to keep current with it all.

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