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Aug 12, 2020




Sep 6, 2018

Hope adapt to the Chrome 69

Chrome 69 update the UI. The theme need to adjust some styles to make it great again.
Btw, the theme is the exactly most perfect minimal theme.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 20, 2017


wallpaper in google

Carlin Scuderi

Jun 8, 2016

New Chrome UI

The new Chrome UI around tabs and the top bar makes the theme look a little off. Would be nice to have it look uniform again. I love this theme and have been using it since I started using Chrome.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 25, 2013

tema rekleri

bu temanın beyaz olan yerlerini hafifçe mavi yaparsanız iyi olur beyaz göz alıyor yalnız çok hafif açık mavi

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