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K.W. Landry

Jun 21, 2024

Still Active?

Hi Folks,
I'm really looking forward to having the benefits of this extension, what I've seen is exactly what I need, to change the Tab Icon to a unique image so I can quickly reference back and forth across many pages of a single site.
However, although the initial setting of the icon works and I can then see all the unique tabs that have the references I need to quickly find, the icon does not stay set, it frequently disappears and I am back to square one, find the tab again and again set a unique icon.
Looking at your entry here in Extensions it doesn't look like you're active anymore, so wanted to get that sorted before investing more time in working out what I need to do.
While I'm here, and if you are still active with this extension, let me note that having a rule to apply a specific icon would be helpful, a rule using regex against the url would be great, a rule that would evaluate when the url changed in that tab or on page refresh, whatever it took to keep that icon unique as I need it to.
Also, it might be helpful to apply a unique icon to a tab reference, that is, Tab Id (?? don't know if tabs have an internal unique Id but it would be good in any current session to have a unique icon associated with a tab id and therefore would stick regardless of the url. Of course, if the window or tab is closed it's not expected to continue to have the same Id if reopened.

Here's hoping this very useful idea is still in active development,

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