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Feb 24, 2017

Logger and not showing logs

VM5577:205 Uncaught ReferenceError: MutationSummary is not defined
at EmeListeners.addListenersToAllEmeElements_ (<anonymous>:205:22)
at EmeListeners.setUpListeners (<anonymous>:65:8)
at setUp_ (<anonymous>:27:12)
at <anonymous>:420:1

Tyler Sontag

Feb 6, 2016

emelogger error

Im getting some output trying to run the plugin

emeLogger is not defined

It doesn't look to be initialized anywhere in VM633

Hobbes van Flethite

Aug 7, 2015

chrome://plugins problem

I cant seem to find it in the chrome://plugins, when I search it in the webstore it says I installed it

Brandon Everman

May 21, 2015


How do I update it

Google apps